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FULL Color Printing for Just $10 a Shirt! Now THAT’s Something to Celebrate!

To celebrate WorX Printing Cooperative’s first anniversary, we’re offering a special on custom printed T-shirts. For an order of white T-shirts of 24 or more shirts, we’ll digitally print at WorX for just $10/shirt. That’s full color printing on one location for just $10 a shirt! (Want a different color shirt? We’ll extend a 10% discount!)



How Can We Do It?

DTG printing makes printing multiple colors economical and quick. One blank T-shirt goes in and a fully printed T-shirt comes out and is popped in the dryer (cures and binds the ink to the fabric) within just a few minutes. With traditional screen printing you are charged per screen for each color.  So if you have 6 different colors in your design, that’s 6 screens, and the costs build. Many designs, which were thought to be cost prohibitive, are now economical and can be realized with a DTG printer like Kornit.

These T-shirts will be printed at WorX, with their cutting edge DTG Kornit digital printer. You can print full color, digital artwork like a photo or complex artwork with more than 4 colors. Needless to say you can print one color prints with a DTG printer, but it truly shines with full color jobs – and shows in the price.

Some examples of T-shirt prints from the last year:

world-citizens-for-peace-digitally-printed-T-shirt-at-WorX-Printing-Cooperative rethink-eco-friendly-two-color-digitally-printed-T-shirts-at-WorX-Printing-Cooperative print-your-ethical-T-shirts-at-WorX-Printing-Cooperative drawn-fan-art-translated-to-a-T-shirt-print-on-Kornit-DTG-printer-at-WorX-Printing-Cooperative

Anything is possible for custom printed apparel with eco-friendly DTG printing! We’re proud to partner with WorX and we’re enthusiastic to extend this spring T-shirt special. We figure this is the best way to share just how wonderful WorX workmanship and products are – see it for yourself! Fill out a Contact Us form or give us a call. Mention coupon code WORXANNIVERSARY to claim the special.

You’ll be supporting an ethically-sourced merchandise company, as well as a worker-owned, union affiliated apparel printing cooperative! How’s that for a feel-good proposition?!


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