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Fun & New American Made Promotional Products

Spring’s New Promo Swag – Tasty, Colorful, and Natural

New_Products_April_2012With spring comes the beginning of our “T-shirt season” when groups looking for custom printed tees check out our ethically made options. We love T-shirts, but did you know we also offer so many other fun American made items and promotional merchandise with union, local, eco, and fair trade values? It’s important to us – especially as we come up to Earth Day – that all these things we make have lasting quality. If we can convince organizations to make something more durable and less likely to end up in a landfill, then we fulfill our mission!

When your organization decides to make a purchase, do you discuss the “life-cycle” of your stuff? If not, could you start considering what happens after you hand out your freebies? You have the ability to make a huge difference with your group puchasing- simply by considering a few environmental ideas such as the trash produced by most promotional products.

We hope you enjoy these new product profiles, and please let us know any questions – especially about our organic, recycled, and natural products!

temporary_tattoos_made_in_the_usa Promotional products don’t get more fun than USA made temporary tattoos! Our tattoos are popular for sporting events, birthday bashes, quirky fundraisers, and other places where adults and kids want to show group affiliation.
usa_made_snacks_food Our customized snack packaging can make your favorite treats into a wonderful surprise gifts for your clients or group members. Check out the baked goods, candy, mints and gum, and drinks that we can design artwork for unique labeling. Plus, you can mix snacks for even more elaborate American made swag.
natural_promotional_products_swag We think our customized stones seriously rock! No really- they are a neat way to spread your message- as are small giveaway trees and recycled wine bottle glasses. All our green and eco-friendly promotional products are made locally, so they ship fewer miles than imported swag.
affordable_usa_made_polo_shirts American made polos, embroidered with your design, are an affordable way for your group members to look professional. Ask us for a custom price quote showing your logo or artwork on the polos. We also have men’s and women’s union made moisture wicking polos, and all our embroidery is union made.
full_color_affordable_usa_lapel_pins_BEST_VALUE These full-color economically-priced lapel pins make excellent gifts, awards, and other swag uses. With low minimums, you can use them for small groups- or take advantage of the price breaks for large quantities. No matter what, we can help design artwork that stands out in a small space.
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