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Gleaning Corporate Gifts Ideas from the Year Past (and Year to Come!)

mirror-looking-back-on-where-youve-come (350x263)Send a Holiday Gift that Shows Where You’re Going

Coming up with each year’s holiday gift is a challenge – plain and simple. Doesn’t it seem like there are always too many ideas, or too few? Let us help you select the perfect corporate holiday gifts, which show your appreciation while also inviting your supporters to stay on board for the year ahead.

What kind of precedent do you want to set with this first of the year touch base with your constituents? Have a big announcement that could work with a particular product concept? Go with it! Our friendly and creative staff are here to assist you in putting together the best presentation to kick off the new year with a bang!

Thoughtful Custom Corporate Gifts with a Strategic Message

Let our ethically made corporate gifts and our locally made, environmentally friendly gifts make a statement about your brand and mission:

  • Planning to really grow this year? Send that message with seeded paper holiday card enclosing a prepaid rewards card.
  • Want to demonstrate your patriotism? Send a flag lapel pin with a strong USA Made message.
  • Need to show your love for workers? Reinforce your support of labor with a union made corporate gift.
  • Big year for your organization? Brand an American made calendar and encourage them to Save the Date!
  • Kicking off a funding campaign this year? Send travel mugs that put your message on the road to success.

These are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Our team has tons of great  company gift ideas to help you create this year’s perfect holiday gift – one that will last and drive your message home!

time = money symbolSave Money on your Holiday Gift Order

Think of your holiday gift budget as an investment, not an expense. This investment in your connections will pay off year after year.  Just try eliminating a yearly gift and see what kind of responde you get- well maybe you shouldn’t do that! 

Holiday gifts are a special touch shared with your clients, potential clients, staff, or donors. Each individual or organization that receives a gift from you will remember you for your generosity and for the gift you chose to send.

Want to save some money on your holiday gifts? Then remember to order early to avoid expediting fees. This is the perfect time to call us and get ideas in plenty of time to avoid extra charges.

Contact us as soon as you’re ready to brainstorm and request a free price quote.

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