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Union Printed, USA-Made Merchandise: For Work and Play

International Union of Operating Engineers Outing Accessories

IUOE Local 501, of California and Nevada, was gracious in their support of union and USA manufactured branded items for a recent activity day for their members. Since these are the hardworking people who keep our homes safe and sound, we were happy to know they had some deserved leisure planned!

The IUOE golf tournament left members looking good in the sun with these ethical golf tournament accessories:

  • Union Made Performer Moisture Management Polos for Women and Men (with union embroidery)
  • USA Made Golf Towels with Grommets (with union embroidery)
  • Open Top Tool Bags, American Made (with union embroidery)
  • Union Made Brushed Cotton Golf Caps and Straw Hats (with union embroidery)

Of course, it’s not every day these union members get to hang out at the course.  The International Union of Operating Engineers are highly skilled in “maintenance and repair of all HVAC equipment, boiler operation, lighting, plumbing, welding, painting, carpentry, or in general, all trade related maintenance and repair.”

Look for that Union Bug

If you need this kind of skilled labor for work at your home or business, here’s how to look for the union label.

Thanks to the union members who supported unions with their purchasing choices, even on a day off!

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