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New American Made Lightweight T-Shirt Possibilities – “The True American Tee”

It’s Not All Boxy Heavyweights or Sheer Burnouts

While I understand their function, I am not enthusiastic about traditional heavyweight T-shirts. They’re too boxy for my tastes. At the same time, I prefer clothing you can’t see through. Current fashion shirts like burnout and sheer styles are interesting… but like the boxy tees, they’re just not my thing.

Fortunately, Ethix Merch offers styles and shirt-weights for everyone. We understand heavier shirts are great for durability, and fashion styles are great for younger, cooler people than I. Fortunately for me, we now have even more options for those who want something in the middle: new 5.4 oz. American Made Tees.

The TRUE American Tee

bayside_true_american_tee_0One of our favorite manufacturers, Bayside USA, named their newest style “The True American Tee,” and it’s true in every sense of the word.

Here’s why we love these American made lightweight T-shirts:

1. The cotton is grown and harvested in the U.S., spun, knitted, dyed, and sewn in the USA in Bayside’s vertical factory.

2. The broad color pallette is great for all kinds of custom printed designs.

3. With sizes from small to 4XL, they can fit a wide range of groups.

4. They come with or without pockets.

Bayside USA manufactures their complete line in America, including sweatshirts, hats, longsleeve shirts, organic and union made T-shirts, and other clothing styles. Another new style this year is their women’s union made basic tee, which comes in a wide color range.

The True American Tee style isn’t manufacturered with a Bayside union label. But because they adhere to US labor laws, we classify these shirts as sweatshop-free. The price point is also quite friendly if you’re just making the switch to USA made T-shirts.

Let us know if you need a price quote for these shirts with your custom design. We can help with your artwork!

The Platinum Standard

See_Instant_Pricing_Custom_ShirtsIf you agree with us that a union label is the “platinum standard” for sweatshop-free manufacturing, then consider going with Platinum brand’s Union Made 5.4 oz. tees,  also sweatshop-free and available in a range of colors and sizes. Platinum’s cotton is grown in Missisippi, dyed in Pennsylvania, and knitted in North Carolina. The shirts themselves are made in Georgia.

Ask us about Platinum’s 5.4 oz shirts in both 100% cotton and 50/50 cotton/polyester blends.

Anvil Comes Back to America

On the heels of these two options is the Anvil American Tee Collection. Also at a lightweight 5.4 oz. cotton weight, these shirts are the first Anvil offers made in America.

With Anvil’s questionable labor practices elsewhere, and imported fabric knit from 100% US cotton, we prefer to support the union and “true American” options first. However, it’s hopeful for our local economy to have a major T-shirt brand like Anvil bring a little production back to The States.

As American-made products become more mainstream, perhaps we’ll see other innovations soon! We look forward to staying up-to-date on the trends and letting you know the range of options available for your group.

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