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Recycled American Made Pencils for The Nation Magazine

Teacher_pencils_recycled_American_madeAn old-school gift, we love these nostalgic pencils we helped design for The Nation magazine. Wow your child’s teacher with the coolest back-to-school gift!

You can purchase an individual pencil pack online here.

Just please make sure the teachers you give these to are progressive since The Nation is known as “the flagship of the left.” These pencils include a union printed card that states, “If you know your LEFT from your RIGHT, thank a TEACHER!”

Why Custom Printed Pencils?

Small, economical, and useful, imprinted pencils can make strong statements in a little space. As a practical organization that makes strong statements through everything they publish, pencils were an excellent choice by The Nation.

What’s more, these particular standard pencils have ethical characteristics – as they’re recycled American made pencils!

They are made with 20-30% newspaper and cardboard post consumer waste. These pencils are also union made in the USA, supporting good local jobs where workers have the right to organize and receive fair wages and benefits.

Ethically Made Writing Instruments

If you would like your own ethically made custom pencils or pens, please let us know your idea. We have recycled denim, currency, and 100% recycled newspaper options, customized mechanical pencils, as well as recycled and biodegradable custom promotional pen options!

If you know a current or retired progressive teacher, this gift set is perfect!


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