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Top 5 Eco-Friendly Promotional Items for 2020

Looking for sustainable swag for your organization? We’ve put together the latest and greatest eco-friendly products in a shortlist so you don’t have to go searching.

1. Tees Made From Cotton or Recycled Material 

Because, of course. According to the Advertising Speciality Industry’s Ad Impressions Study, promotional t-shirts make 3,400 impressions over their lifetime on average.  That’s a lot of views for your organization’s mission!  Choosing cotton or recycled materials reduces the environmental impact.


We suggest:  Premium Organic Tee

2. Reusable Water Bottles

Every day 60 million plastic water bottles are thrown away in the USA alone! Reusable bottles literally save tons of unnecessary landfill waste and pollution.  They’re fun, too! Customize them with your logo and show off your orgs’ colors everywhere you go.  From flip-top to sip through, recycled plastic to glass and everything in between, we offer a huge selection of custom water bottles.

We suggest: 24 oz. Single Wall Aluminum Water Bottle

3. Veggie Bags

So you’ve ditched plastic bags at the grocery store, but when you get home, a panic sets in: how will you keep all of your produce fresh?  Veggie bags to the rescue! Just moisten the bags, fill them up with your produce, and put them in your vegetable drawer. They will keep produce fresh for up to 2 weeks! Our bags are made with 100% US grown organic cotton and can be labeled with your organization’s logo! They’re great for company gifts or special giveaways.

We suggest: 100% US Grown Organic Cotton Veggie Bags. Contact us for pricing.


4. Reusable Glass Straws

Reusable glass straws are not only extra fancy but also help reduce landfill waste and prevent injuries to wildlife.  Bring ‘em with you on the road! Our glass straws can be etched, or a label can be sewn into the custom cotton carrying case. They have optional carrying cases and cleaning brushes and come with a lifetime guarantee! 

We suggest: Custom Glass Straws with Cotton Carrying Case. Contact us for pricing.

5. Recycled Totes

With increased plastic bag bans comes an uptick in reusable bag use, and finding the right kind of tote is crucial.  Our top choice totes are made of recycled materials. Ditch the plastic bags and pop your logo on a recycled tote to make an eco-friendly statement.  It’s hard to identify just ONE top tote, but our suggested recycled tote takes home the prize for durability and ease of use – these totes hold all the heavy stuff with no problem.

We suggest: Sturdy Recycled Grocery Totes

Enjoy this list?

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