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Unveiled: Ethix’s Guide to Eco Fabrics

We recently released an ebook guide intended to shed light on fabrics labeled “eco-friendly” to our email list. It is now time to share it with those of you that might not be on the list presently!

With this new guide to eco fabrics ebook we aim to clear up and educate on current eco options available on the U.S. market.  We have included an “Ethix Grade” for the fabrics in our guide which is…of course…followed by an explanation.  At the end of the guide you will also find links to organizations that are working to make bamboo and hemp cultivation more eco friendly, (legal), and viable for American industry.

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When considering the eco-friendliness of a particular fabric there are many factors: carbon footprint throughout production, accountablility throughout the supply chain, and overall responsible production as well as the health of the land and environment while growing these crops.

Anyone with these questions will find answers as well as food for thought and avenues for further research:

  • What is eco fabric?
  • What makes a fabric eco-friendly?
  • What options do I have?
  • What options best align with what I want to achieve with my purchasing power?

Check out our guide and let us know if you have any follow up questions or need help with an order you’ve been considering:


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