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USA Made Merch Served Up on Main Street (Arizona!)

Brand Your American Business with USA Made Products

When you first open a business, one very important piece of the marketing equation is branding. We can help you get your name out on the streets and into the minds of your prospective patrons! Get your custom branded, ethical merchandise and promote your brand while clearly stating your business’s ethics, too.

Flatiron-USA-Made-merchandise-cafe-women's-tshirts-and-mugsCustomized Café Gear

We recently helped The Flatiron restaurant get some great American-made promotional T-shirts and other products. They serve locally roasted coffee, breakfast (all day), and lunch, in a quirky historic building in Jerome, Arizona. The restaurant’s owners like to “keep it local” with their ingredients AND their merchandise.

When we became business owners we were excited to make all the choices we wished our employers had made over the years! We watched an ABC World News Made in America segment about buying American Made to promote job growth in the U.S. My whole family got into it! There was no other option for us when we got our merchandise for The Flat. It’s been the right choice.

-Jen, co-owner, The Flatiron

The Flatiron just opened this year and needed branded promotional items to offer staff and restaurant patrons. The café ordered USA made ladies’ cut tees, classic cut unisex T-shirts, quintessential American diner mugs, as well as pancake visor baseball caps (not pictured). They were more than willing to spend a little extra to ensure that the products carrying their logo were sweatfree, and made in the USA.

Flatiron-USA-Made-all-merchandise-cafe-mens-tee-ladies-tees-diner-mugsSmall Business Supporting Local Business

By choosing to buy USA made goods, every individual consumer can make a positive impact on our economy and job creation. Every little bit counts in bringing business and manufacturing jobs back to the US and keeping our buying power local.

I had one gentleman give me a hard time about the price of the mugs, then I told him they are made in the U.S.A. and he said “Well in that case, give me two!”. I am proud of my merch.

-more from Jen

Invest in Responsibly Produced Promotional Merch

Why purchase sub-par products produced behind a mysterious shroud in a factory overseas? Make your promotional merch orders count when you “Think Globally, Act Locally”. Even small businesses with small marketing budgets can (and most often do) make a little extra investment to spring for quality and ethically produced promotional items from Ethix Merch.



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