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USA Made Promotional T-shirts: Working Overtime to Share Your Message

Making a Statement with Ethically Sourced T-Shirts

USW 5032 Labor day parade pic 1-2013 (600x321)This assortment of vivid photos is a sampling of some recent promotional T-shirt orders: USA Made T-shirts, custom printed living wage Alta Gracia T-shirts, all union printed and worn with pride.Wearing your mission “on your sleeve” is a concept most of our clients are familiar with. Spending some time to make sure your message is clear is a good use of your valuable time. It’s important, not only to those wearing your promotional T-shirt, but also those coming into contact with your promotional product.

How to Create a Great Promotional T-Shirt:

  1. Northwest Conference on Teaching Social Justice (NWCTSJ) 10.20.2013 (600x402)Choose a colorful T-shirt and use a simple logo (or the opposite!)
  2. Keep your slogan catchy and memorable (see our tips for memorable slogans here)
  3. Use imagery that’s easily identifiable and speak directly to your brand

If you need help expressing your concept, just ask our sales team. This is what we specialize in! We have tons of experience and great creative ideas, and we love to share them! We can also help you create just the right promotional artwork. (See our guidelines for promotional T-shirt artwork here)

Finding the Right USA Made T-Shirt: Union Made, Eco-Friendly, Organic Cotton?

Whether you’re looking for a promotional T-shirt as a retailer, for your union, or to support your nonprofit, we support your ethics. We offer so many American Made T-shirt options, including union-made T-shirts, recycled eco-friendly T-shirts, and organic cotton T-shirts that are also recycled.  We’re here to help you choose which of your ethics you want your T-shirts to promote (USA made? Union made? Living wage? Eco friendly? Fair Trade? We have them all!) and how to create the best promotional T-shirt possible.

culinaryprotest_100_arrested_John Locher-Las Vegas Review-Journal global-exchange-custom-printed-alta-gracia-org-T-shirts (600x448)

We can help you create T-shirts for branding retail stores, union solidarity actions, church gatherings, or outreach and fundraising for a nonprofit. Call us and talk to our helpful Merchant Adventurers, and you’ll be most of the way there in getting your new USA made T-shirt promotion to work for you!

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