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Your Ethical Guide to Winter Coats and Jackets

Union Made and USA Made Outwear

We want to know the clothing keeping us warm is made under safe working conditions and with organic and recycled materials whenever possible. If you’re reading this, you probably feel the same way!

Fortunately, there are a range of options for the ethical shopper. If you were the one charged with finding the perfect winter coat embellished with your company or organization’s logo, then please use this handy guide to know what options you have.

Customized Union and USA Made Outerwear – Sweatshop Free and Better for the Earth!

We do the research to know what positive attributes a company has so that we can create guides like the one below to help you out!

And remember, we specialize in embroidery and screen printing with unionized shops, so your embellishments are also ethical.

If you have further questions about outerwear, don’t hesitate to ask us!

Eco Apparel JacketsUnion Made Duck Jackets, Vests, and OverallsUnion Made Jackets

Guide to Eco and Union Made Winter Clothing

What You Can Get!What Isn’t Available Yet…(or, anymore)
Union in USA made outerwear in many styles for men and women from King LouieInfant’s and children’s outerwear
More American made Union styles from Rubin Brothers for men and womenBrand names like North Face, Members Only, Spyder, or Burlington Coat Factory made in the US
Union made denim and jean jacketsAmerican made Levi’s brand bluejean clothing
USA/Union fleece coats, accessories, and blanketsPolartec brand fleece products made in USA
Technical, fashionable, and non-greenwashed winter clothingLow-price point, disposable outerwear that’s actually better for the planet (don’t hold your breath for this to ever exist without greenwashing!)
Locally made unisex coats from AkwaDomestically-made organic/recycled/bamboo – or other eco jackets
Union made in USA duck jacketsUSA Carhartt union brand workwear (here’s why) (USA options are back as of Fall 2012)
Domestically made in a Union shop leather jacketsFaux leather goods made in the US
Some union made ANSI high visibility clothing and workwearMany USA hi-vis styles are not union made
USA knit hats, headbands, scarves, and other accessoriesf you don’t see an accessory on our site- ask us! We may be able to find exactly what you need ethically made.


Union-Made-Polar-Fleece-Jackets-and-BlanketsUSA Jackets and DenimUnion Made Jeans, Jackets, and Denim Shirts
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