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10 Unexpected Union Made Promotional Products Flipbook

Look for the Union Label – Made with the Highest Labor Standard

20120321_small_comic_womanA lot of people love custom union made T-shirts. But when members’ closets are full of tees, how can a group show pride in other ways?

For those of you interested in sweatshop-free merchandise- made with the highest labor standard by unions- we have some ideas!

Unusual Union Made Promotional Products

We picked out the most unusual promotional products that are union made in America, and we made a flipbook for you. It’s not always easy to know if something is legitimately union made, so we even included the name of the union that manufactures the item (yes, we do spend all day doing this). Download Our Flipbook Now

There are ten items we highlight here, but it was difficult to narrow down all the union merch we love. That means that if you don’t see anything appealing to you in this collection, then please leave a comment below for help finding the perfect unusual union made promotional item.


For example, we have all sorts of union made clothing items and accessories, from brands like King Louie and UnionLine. These wholesale union clothes can be embellished with a union bug, just like all our merchandise. This means the people who screen printed or embroidered your item had a union contract, too.

The Best Kind of Locally Made

Our union made products are the best locally made items if you are concerned about labor standards. We look forward to helping you get union printing on your items so your union pride stands out.

Enjoy the flipbook!

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