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Union Made Promotional Items: Our Platinum Standard

The organizations and groups that are drawn to our site and business model are either directly involved in the labor movement or are in favor of just, safe and equitable employment opportunities (shouldn’t everyone be?!).

We sell only the highest quality union made promotional items to unions, activists, concerned organizations, and businesses. The exchange between our clients and the unions that make our products is a prime example of solidarity purchasing at work. These exchanges show appreciation for the labor and processes that go into making each product.

Union-YES-Ethix-Merch-union-made-promotionsPromo Swag that Supports U.S. Labor

Our goal is to continually provide (and increase variety of) custom promotional merchandise that helps support labor, people, and the environment.

Union Made in the USA is our “platinum standard” and we work tirelessly to get our promotional merchandise orders filled by unionized factories and embellishment shops. We do, however, recognize that not every item our clients are interested in is available with a union label or printed at a union shop and our “gold standard” is Locally Made in the USA.

Changing the Custom Merchandise Industry from Within

Most people understand that union represented members organize for wages and other compensations and benefits on and off the job. That being said, our clients know that paying a little more for goods that are crafted by skilled, organized, and willing labor in America makes all the difference.

Our company consists of a team of bizactivists who have come together to change business (as usual) from the inside, out. Ethix has incorporated the values of the anti-sweatshop movement as well as the triple bottom line (people, planet, profit) into how we do business, the Ethix way.

Feel free to contact us any time with questions or product inquiries.

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