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Back to School: Custom T-Shirts for College Students and University Organizations

Heading back to campus means launching into new activities along with the academic year. If you’re looking for ethically-sourced Greek T-shirts for fraternity and sorority pledge weeks or tabling events, enlist Ethix Merch for your swag! We can help you price custom college shirts online, starting with our simple T-shirt price quoter tool. It helps you set a budget to present to the fraternity, sorority, college club or organization.

20130320-GREEN-PEACE-free-college-guide-download-slideCollege T’s as fundraisers for your student organization

College students are always on the lookout for eco-friendly T’s and T-shirts that support fair labor practices. When you shop with Ethix Merch for your college swag, you can have confidence that the T’s you invest in support workers’ rights and the environment. We note the ethical options all of your T-shirt choices support, with clear delineations and ethical stamps on our website.

Looking for a club fundraiser? Why not come up with awesome T-shirts to sell on campus?

20130814-back-to-school-campus-gear-collage (1024x276)

If you need inspiration, read about how to create a memorable slogan. Then let our friendly Merchant Adventurers help you design a killer tee your fellow students will clamor for! No artwork? No problem – we’ll help you design a great looking T-shirt that sure to grab attention.

Make sure you check out our guide of the Best Promotional Products for Your Campus Group. Sure, we have awesome college tees, but we’ve also got much more, such as mugs, baseball caps, and…. well, we don’t want to give it all away here! Download our guide, and start studying. Because after all, you don’t need to break into those textbooks just yet!

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