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Celebrate Diversity: Union Made Merch and the Green Party!

Even in our fast-paced modern world, one thing always remains the same: hard work pays off, in the long run. That attitude is exemplified by two organizations that Ethix Merch was proud to bring together for the first time…The Green Party of the United States and Garyline Promotional Products.

green-gift-setGreen Party Rooting for the Labor Movement

Even though Democrats and Republicans have traded control of the White House and Congress for the past 150 years or so, smaller political parties still play an essential role in our democracy. And few parties have shown as much grit and gumption as the Green Party, which has become a household name by successfully pushing to move environmental issues into the forefront of our political discourse. The party has also been a staunch ally of labor, serving as one of the highest-profile advocates for the marriage of green and blue, or “Teamsters and turtles.” Little by little—winning local and sometimes even statewide elections and influencing the debate at every turn—they are making a big difference.

Garyline: Bridging the Green/Blue Divide

Garyline, meanwhile, has also been a pioneer in bridging the green/blue divide, within the world of ethical merchandising. It is still an unfortunate truth that products made with respect for the environment and for workers cost a little bit more than the typical junk that poisons our air and water and hangs workers out to dry. Garyline shrugs its shoulders at these extra costs, offering the widest selection of environmentally-friendly AND Union Made products in the business.

Support Unions, the Environment, and Democracy with Your Purchase

We couldn’t be happier to be bringing these two workhorses together in the Green Party Online Store. Please take this opportunity to visit the store and pick up a Union Made tote bag or BPA-free water bottle emblazoned with the Green Party logo. How often can you support unions, the environment, and democracy all at the same time?

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