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Center for American Progress Purchases Ethical Holiday Gifts

Support American Jobs with Holiday Gift Purchasing

The Center for American Progress (CAP) is a progressive think tank and longtime client of Ethix Merch. They are “dedicated to improving the lives of Americans through progressive ideas and action,” so it’s no wonder they support American jobs with their holiday gift purchases!

Here are the quality items CAP selected for this year’s gifts:

  • Holiday gifts for Center for American ProgressRecycled cotton tote bags (made and embroidered in the USA by Union workers)
  • Moisture wicking long sleeve crew neck shirts (made and printed in the USA by Union workers)
  • Reusable aluminum water bottles (union made in the USA and BPA-free)


Union Made Custom Merch

Clearly CAP values the labor movement as a key component of American progress. They show this commitment by buying union made custom merch whenever possible. It’s also a part of their policy framework.

For example in their recent article about manufacturing in the United States, CAP argues that local manufacturing encourages more innovation because the process can be improved so much easier when it’s in our communities. We can create jobs locally for clean energy and advanced technologies – including the eco innovations and systems improving custom merchandise production!

Thanks to organizations that align their purchasing with their policy recommendations – like CAP – we are closer to achieving more labor and environmental innovation.

To learn more about the Center for American Progress, check out this short video.

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