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Climate Reality Project Asks: Are You Pro Snow?

i-am-pro-snow-climate-reality-project-knit-hats-and-tshirts (collage)My favorite blog posts are about “Merch We’ve Made”. I love spotlighting the finished products that we’ve created with our clients, like those shown in these photos.

This most recent order was for The Climate Reality Project, an environmental organization we’ve enjoyed working with over the years. Ethix made custom knit winter hats, buttons, stickers/tags, and tshirts with the slogan for CRP’s initiative: I AM PRO SNOW

What does it mean to be Pro Snow?

The Project partnered with Warren Miller Entertainment to promote Miller’s newest film, “Flow State“. This nationwide tour which ends this month tells the story of the people that depend on snow for sport, for business, and for their overall way of life.

If you’re a skier and love snow, visit I AM PRO SNOW on Facebook!

What is The Climate Reality Project?

Here’s their stated mission:

The Project employs cutting-edge communications and grassroots engagement tools to break the dam of inaction and raise the profile of the climate crisis to its proper state of urgency. With a global movement more than 2 million strong and a grassroots network of Climate Leaders trained by Chairman Al Gore, we stand up to denial, press for solutions, and spread the truth about climate change to empower our leaders to solve the climate crisis. –The Climate Reality Project

If you are interested in your own custom winter knit hats we have a new quoter on our site that can help with that.

Why Not Choose Ethically Produced Promotional Products?

From labor organizations to environmentally-friendly businesses and individual people who just want to buy socially responsible merchandise, we see a real need for ethically produced promotional products. People want and need promotional products of all kinds – hats, t-shirts, mugs – and we love when they choose to buy ethically produced promotional items. It matters what you buy, and where you buy it!

** If you are a client of ours with photos of our products in action, feel free to send them over to us! We’d love to feature your story and product in future posts.**

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