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Your Ethical Guide to Hats and Headwear

Custom Caps – Keep Warm, or Cool, with Labor and Environmental Standards!

Headwear comes in a wide array of shapes and styles, making it one of the most popular accessories. But do you know whether your organization’s custom hats were made with ethics in mind?

Be certain that your caps, bandannas, headbands, and more are made with fair labor practices and organic materials the next time you order.

Superior USA Made Hat Quality

Making hats locally means you reduce shipping time and costs! Plus, the hats we offer (including union-completed embroidery) are of superb quality. Additionally, you can decorate your ethical headwear with a digitally printed patch or embroidered applique.

Guide to Ordering Hats, Ethically

The guide below has all the information you need to make your custom headwear project a success, while upholding your organization’s values. If you have further questions about hats, don’t hesitate to ask us!

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Guide to Eco and Union Made Headwear

What You Can Get! What Isn’t Available Yet… (or, anymore)
Locally Made by Union Labor unisex Organic, Recycled, and Hemp Ballcaps A union made, eco-friendly hat that compares in price to sweatshop made eco-friendly hats
Union Made to order Professional Prostyle Hats for men and women with fabric, plastic, or velcro straps Made in USA major league baseball caps, (yes, our national pastime’s key apparel item is made abroad)
USA/Union Unstructured Hats, made with brushed cotton, cotton twill, microfiber, and including military issue caps Casual Jcrew or LL Bean hats with a union made label
Union made in USA Fitted Performance Hats for baseball players, runners, carpenters, and golfers Adidas or Nike brand hats ethically made for athletes
More American made Union styles of Custom Trucker Hats with mesh backing, camo, and leather straps available Vintage trucker hats- we sell new things, silly! Though we can customize your vintage hats for a sustainable option…
Union made local hats with all over embroidery Locally union-made New Era hats like the 59fifty style
Other headwear speciality styles like Yarmulke, hairbands, sun visors, Gatsby caps, youth ball caps, doorags, ivy caps, bucket hats, stretchfit twill and bandanas! Costume and party hats, faux fur hats, top hats… although, we dare you to contact us to find exactly what you need!
Domestically made in a Union shop winter gear– like custom knit beanie hats and bombers, as well as fleece and knit ski hats in stock! Many other kinds of ethically made winter clothing- like gloves


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