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Elevate Your Political Marketing With US Union Made Printed Campaign Materials

Updated: July 10, 2023
Published: April 5, 2012

Welcome, campaign managers and coordinators! 

At EthixMerch, we understand the importance of using high-quality, union made-in-the-US promotional products and apparel for your political marketing campaigns. When it comes to screen printing and embroidery, we use our trusted union printers to produce your logo and message. Union-made options for most products are also available. You can explore our range of products and how they will make a lasting impression for your candidate, campaign, or cause!

Campaign Signs: Making a Visual Impact

yard signs

Our selection of campaign signs at EthixMerch is made in the US, ensuring the highest quality and supporting American workers. Whether you need large yard signs, protest signs, or political rally signs, we can meet your needs. Allowing you to convey your message to voters effectively, our signs are customizable with your campaign logo, slogan, and colors.

Custom Caps: Amplifying Your Message

custom hats and caps US made

To elevate your marketing campaign’s visibility, consider our range of custom caps available at EthixMerch. Our caps and hats are made here at home and can be personalized with your campaign branding. These stylish and practical accessories will keep your supporters shaded and ensure that your campaign logo and message are prominently displayed. Choose from various styles and colors to suit your campaign’s aesthetic.

Custom T-Shirts: Spreading the Word

custom printed t-shirts

Nothing spreads the word quite like custom t-shirts. EthixMerch offers a wide selection of made-in-the-US t-shirts that can be customized with your campaign artwork. T-shirts are available in various sizes and styles, ensuring a perfect fit for supporters of all ages. By outfitting your campaign team and supporters with custom t-shirts, you create a unified and professional appearance that fosters a sense of belonging.

Stickers and Magnets: Easy and Eye-Catching

stickers and magnets

Stickers and magnets are the way to go for easy and eye-catching promotional items. offers made-in-the-US stickers that can be customized with your campaign logo or message. These versatile items can be distributed at events, protests, and door-to-door canvassing, allowing folks to display their  support proudly. Additionally, magnets serve as a lasting reminder of your campaign when displayed on supporters’ vehicles or refrigerators.

Buttons and Pins: Wear Your Support

custom buttons and pins

Wearable campaign materials are an effective way to engage supporters and create a sense of camaraderie. offers made-in-the-US buttons and pins that can be customized with your campaign designs. Ensuring your campaign message is visible wherever your supporters go, these small yet impactful accessories can be worn on clothing, bags, and hats. .

Totes and Bags: Practical and Promotional

totes and bags for political campaigns

Practical and reusable totes and bags offer an opportunity to promote your message while being functional. Our selection of made-in-the-US totes and bags at EthixMerch provides ample space for your campaign design and message. These eco-friendly options are perfect for events, canvassing, and volunteer activities, allowing your supporters to showcase their commitment to your cause while reducing single-use plastic waste.

Find The Best Political Marketing Campaign Materials

As campaign managers and coordinators, you understand the power of promotional products and apparel in your political marketing campaigns. By choosing Union made-in-the-US items from EthixMerch, you support American workers and convey a strong message of integrity and commitment to your constituents. From campaign signs to custom t-shirts, stickers to buttons, and totes to caps, our extensive range of products allows you to amplify your campaign’s message and engage supporters effectively.

How to Order

Need to order your campaign materials? Start your order  today at EthixMerch and let our experienced team assist you in spreading the message of your campaign!  If you are not sure which products to choose, our sales team is here to help. Send us your information via this contact form and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

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