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Unify Your Organization With Merch This #Striketober


As employers struggle to fill job positions, and labor shortages run rampant throughout the country, a new issue is cropping up: worker unrest.  Workers are not only saying NO THANKS to high turnover low-wage jobs, but those with long-term jobs are organizing to demand better working conditions, benefits, and pay.  Dubbed Striketober, this month several organizations are voting to authorize strikes or are in the process of bargaining with employers. A recent BBC article highlights the situation, describes how it’s unraveling, and why workers are going on strike.  For another great read about the current job climate, check out this article: US Workers Are in a Militant Mood.

Here’s a list of some organizations that are in the process of bargaining with their employers for better wages, working conditions, and other critical workplace issues:

CWA 1 Strike Information

Warrior Met Coal Strike Page

Workers at Kellogs Cereal Plants Are On Strike

UNAC/UHCP Strike Page 

IATSE Strike Information

UAW Strike Information

Heaven Hill Bourbon Strike News

Get Your Message Out

To be effective, it’s crucial to have a unified message. Branded merchandise like t-shirts, rally signs, and buttons can make a powerful statement and help get your message across loud and clear! Merch can unify a crowd with color and help visually amplify your demands.

Rally signs with workers’ slogans have played a critical role in the history of labor protests and strikes. When we look back through the signs throughout the labor movement, we can see that while some things have changed (5-day workweeks! weekends!), it’s evident that workers are still fighting for many of the same things like higher wages, time off, and benefits.

A 1936 American Labor Party poster at the New York Historical Society exhibition “Art as Activism: Graphic Art From the Merrill C. Berman Collection.”Credit…Collection of Merrill C. Berman

Check out these historical protest signs: 5 Protest Signs That Changed History and Shutterstock Protest Art History.

For more on protest signs and how art is interwoven with the political movements we recommend this documentary:


What better way to unify your message than coloring the crowd with custom t-shirts? This image shows how shirts can turn a crowd of individuals into a unified community.  It’s a powerful way to show team solidarity. Place your logo and slogan on the shirt, and your team will carry the message with them wherever they go.

Rally Signs

Nothing gets the message across clearer than a catchy rally sign! Signs can sum up your demands in a concise, effective way. Sometimes it can be difficult to decipher crowd chants or understand the complexities of a labor strike.  Tell your story with custom rally signs to make sure your collective voice is heard.

Buttons and Pins

Want to wear your message all the time?  Grab some custom buttons and pin it on your hat, shirt, backpack, or workwear. Buttons are an inexpensive and effective way to take your message out to the world.

Your Trusted Ally and Merch Provider

We are more than just a promotional products distributor – we are allies! We are here to help you select the most effective merch within your budget and possibly RUSHED timeline to get your message out loud and clear.   This is what we do. Contact us to get in touch, and one of our Account Managers will help you decide what’s best for your organization.

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