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New Hat Quoter to Simplify Your Custom Hat Orders

Purchasing hats in bulk for your group or company just got easier!

Need a bulk order of custom hats? Now it’s a snap with our new custom bulk hat quoters. Take a look and try your hand! We anticipate it will make selecting and ordering the right American Made and Union Made hats for your organization that much easier!

How simple is it to get a bulk custom hat order? Really simple!


We are proud to sell union label hats as the highest labor standard. Every day we help organizations find the best union made in the USA options for their custom hat orders, and we look forward to doing the same for you!

union_xyzWhy Choose Union Made Hats?

By purchasing union made hats, you can support the people making your hats, as well as their families. You help show how effective solidarity purchasing is- especially on a larger scale for group purchasing. We are proud to offer New Jersey Headwear / Unionwear – as they are the only authentic American union made hat factory in the US.Union made ensures that workers cutting and stitching and embroidering the hats have the means to organize if factory owners overstep a safety law and don’t protect the wellbeing of their workers while on the job. Because of union contracts, these workers have better pay and ways to negotiate other benefits.

And, we use union embroidery and screen printing that can include a union bug printed on your hats or other union made promotional products we offer.

usa_xyzWhy Buy American Made Hats?

We support American manufacturing because we put faith in the U.S.A. labor laws and standards for protecting workers and preventing sweatshops on US soil. While our platinum standard is Union Made, our gold standard is USA Made.

Bayside offers a plethora of colors for ready-made, quick-ship hats that are usually available in stock. Deadlines and the desire for a particular color can dictate what type of hat is available to fill the order. We offer these American made hats in our quick-ship, in-stock quoter.

When you buy products made in America you help our economy, especially if you can make these purchases for large organizations. We also recognize the environmental benefits of a local supply chain for all our USA made hats and other made in USA promotional products.

Hats: Just the T(o)p of the Iceberg

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