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Creating Memorable Promotions: Earth Day Promotional T’s for Climate Reality Project

20130405-VERTICAL-repower-america-climate-reality-project-custom-branded-gearCreating Promotional Messages that “Stick”

How do you create a promotional product with a message that really resonates and has staying power? What makes a message memorable, like “Where’s the Beef?” or “Got Milk?” We think our customer The Climate Reality Project got it right with these eco-friendly promotional T-shirts sporting their cheeky message “I’m Too Hot.” But what makes it such a good message?

Three Steps to Create Memorable Promotions

Now researchers at Cornell University are figuring out what makes a slogan, quote or tagline memorable. Your promotional slogan should have distinctive content with a simple structure:

1. Use few personal pronouns

2. Be in present or future tense

3. Use indefinite articles (i.e. “a” or “an” instead of “the”)

Memorable Messages Apply to Other Contexts

For longevity, your slogan or message should be applicable in other contexts. Therefore, we think “I’m Too Hot” is going to have a super long life!

What high school teen doesn’t want to sport this promotional T-shirt at the beach this summer? While being “a hottie” is not the goal in the context of global warming, this promotional T-shirt message has appeal to a really wide audience for sure!

Choosing the Right Promotional Product for the Message

Connecting your promotional message with the right medium is important. For this Earth Day promotion, it was vital to imprint an eco-friendly T-shirt for our climate-conscious customer. We help customers design responsibly produced promotional products suited to their audience and slogan.

Got a thoughtful message? Embroider a baseball cap with your slogan, and keep it top of mind! Need better everyday branding for your business? Imprint your logo on a coffee travel mug and your commuting audience will see your logo with every sip. Ordering team t-shirts for your union’s sports team? Choose USA made promotional products, then make it a grand slam by having them embellished in a union screen print shop.

The right design on the right promotional product will gives your message better (and longer) connection to your audience.

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