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Ethix & reweave: Weaving ‘USA Made’ with “Being Better”

Promotional Products that ARE a Cause

reweave-logo-with-back-art-with-shadowWe work with a number or nonprofits and social enterprises on requests for ‘sound’ product purchases for their donors and most ardent advocates. These are the individuals that promotional products are geared for- your fans and supporters and those you would like to see as such.

What better can you think to say a big ‘Thank You‘ to your supporters than with high quality, ethically sourced products? Show solidarity with the labor and human rights movements while spreading the good work that your nonprofit does! 

Ethical Branded T-shirts for Your Org

Our most common requested items are our Local and union Made T-shirts with a wide range of ethical values.  We have USA Made tees, Union Made Platinum tees, Union Made 100% recycled tees, living wage/union made tees by Alta Gracia, fashionista tees, fair trade tees, USA Made camo tees and much more! Not one nonprofit or organization is the same, and reweave was in the market for USA Made organic T-shirts for men and women:

As a non-profit organization whose tagline is be better, we knew from the start that we would need to find a good printing organization that would source fair-trade and/or ethically made t-shirts. It would have been wrong to promote our organization with a mission to help people on t-shirts that hurt people. Of course it was nice to support a US manufacturer, but most importantly we didn’t want to support a sweatshop overseas. So we started our search and found several different companies that looked promising. We submitted our request on the site Fair Tees and Terri of Ethix Merch called us just a few hours later to ask a few questions about our order request. Her responsiveness and professionalism stood out to us and made us choose Ethix Merch before the rest.

Match Your Mission and Values with Ethical Merchandise

We were a little concerned by prices at first (perhaps because the prices we usually hear are sweatshop prices) so we looked into other options as well. But many of the other places had more limited ink color options and shirt color and style options. So we placed an order with Ethix Merch and they even made special arrangements to ship me a shirt before I departed for a trip abroad for 4 months. When the shirts were a bit different than we expected, Ethix Merch worked with us to correct the error and make the shirts the way we wanted them.  -Rae of reweave

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