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The For No More Foundation is a new organization working to end slavery, hunger, sweatshops, and all injustices through a faith-based foundation. As they say on their website:

We want to incite a revolution, a drastic and far reaching change in ways of thinking and behaving, as we stand together to make a difference in our world.  Our battle cry is simple… NO MORE!  No More Hunger and Thirst, No More Orphans, No More Slavery, No More Walking Alone… not on our watch!

20111206_for_no_more_shirts_0In the Market for Sweatshop-Free T-shirts

Just like our clients who are Quaker, Jewish, Muslim, Universalist Unitarian, and Interfaith, this Christian group knew they needed sweatshop-free T-shirts. And because they are using the T-shirts for fundraising, they also needed to make sure the shirts were stylish so people would buy them.

The solution was with USA made T-shirts, manufactured in a factory that abides by anti-sweatshop laws. Since these are the shirts we use to help clients off their American Apparel habit, they had the perfect fit for the project.

What Do You Say “No More” To?

Are you ready to take action so there’s no more hunger, thirst, orphans, slavery, and hopelessness … what is it you’re standing for? There’s room for all these social justice causes within the No More campaign!

If you want to wear it on your sleeve, and chest, then check out their (very cool) T-shirts and online store. Cash donations and purchases of artisan goods also help their mission.

You can get involved in this online community by visiting their website and social media spaces today.


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