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Fuse Orders Ethical, Locally Made “Mugs for Progress”

In keeping with the recently-proclaimed “Era of Responsibility,” we are proud to highlight the efforts of one of our newest customers,

JoeCoffeeMugSharing Online Messaging through Custom Printed Merchandise

Fuse is an online advocacy organization for progressive public policy. But they are also – as are most organizations – consumers of custom-printed merchandise. It is all too easy to order such merchandise (as many, many organizations do) without bothering about something so easily swept under the rug as labor conditions.

Small Budget, Big Impact – Mugs for Progress

Undoubtedly, Fuse is working with a very limited budget, making it all the more difficult to take responsibility for their impact on people and the economy. But in ordering mugs for their new “Mugging for Progress” line, Fuse went the extra mile. Their acrylic mugs are Union Made in the USA, and the ceramics are Made in USA. (Union made ceramic mugs don’t yet exist.)

Creating Change While Advocating for Change

Through such decisions, Fuse is creating change while advocating for change. It is exactly this sort of virtuous circle that, if and when it spreads, will turn the tide against systematic poverty and exploitation in the global economy.

Thanks, Fuse, for doing your part! Please visit the site and show your appreciation by buying “Mug for Progress.” Also, be sure to check out the “Mugs & Drinkware” section of to order mugs for your own organization.

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