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How to Order Custom Printed American Made T-Shirts in Bulk

This post was updated on 5/1/23 

bulk USA Made tshirts for printing

100% Made in the USA T-Shirts

Our custom printed American made T-shirts options are 100% made in the USA at factories we have worked with for years. We know there is increasing demand for American-made products right now, which is why we are pleased to offer these wholesale USA T-shirt brands.

Ordering customized tees is a process with many steps. We walk people through this process daily, so we used our expertise to create a checklist for organizations to follow.

Why American Made T-Shirts?

We support American manufacturing when union-made clothing isn’t available in a particular style. This is because we believe in the US labor laws and standards for protecting workers and preventing sweatshops. Of course, it is not a perfect system, but we constantly research and inform ourselves about various factories producing USA-made t-shirts.

When you buy tees made in America, you help our economy, especially if you can make these purchases for large organizations. We also recognize the environmental benefits of a local supply chain for all our USA-made T-shirts and made in USA promotional products.

Our USA Made T-Shirt Collection Ready For Your Logo or Design

It’s incredible how many things are still manufactured in the US. We have a variety of colors and cuts available in American-made shirts to choose from.

Take a look at our USA Made T-shirts collection.

Eco-Friendly USA T-Shirts Union Made USA T-Shirts USA Made USA T-Shirts
custom printed American made t-shirts

Steps to Order Custom Printed American Made T-Shirts

Getting your logo/design onto a promotional item is much more complicated than people realize. At Ethix, we are experts in our field. We like to have personal contact with our clients so that we can ensure you are getting the right product with the best-looking art/design.

Also, many of our clients are doing incredible work for the world (which is why they want to order ethically-made/sweat-free promotional products), and we want to develop a relationship and hear your story.

Establish Your Budget

First, finding out what budget you’re working with is essential. We offer various products, prices, and print options to fit almost any budget. Our knowledgeable Account Managers will provide you with the best options for your project.

If you’re on a tight budget, check out our blog on money-saving tips for your next tee order.

Choose Your Shirt

Choose a shirt that fits your organization’s values. Are you looking for eco-friendly options, or do you want to support worker cooperatives – or both? We offer a variety of styles, sizes, materials, and price ranges for t-shirts. From union-made to hyperlocal dirt-to-shirt tees made with American-grown cotton, we have options for your budget and merch needs.

Consider Print Options

Do you want a union bug printed on your shirt? How many locations do you want your artwork printed on the t-shirt? How many colors do you want printed? The options are practically endless. If you need help, send us your logo, and we’ll present you with some choices to make it easier to decide.

Keep Your Deadline in Mind

Standard production times are 3-4 weeks, provided we have the art on file, or you have the art in the proper format readily available. If not, there may be an additional rush charge. There may also be no time for proofing, and you must assume the risk. It’s good to get an early start, and if you want to see a physical proof of the t-shirt before we print the whole batch, that will tack on some time.

Send Us Your Design

We require art files in a vector format, such as eps or pdf, created from a vectorized file  Jpg, tiff, and pngs are not suitable  If you are not sure if your files are in vector format, we can check them, and let you know  We can also convert your files if necessary for a nominal fee or no fee, depending on the amount of work required  Ideally, we want to have your company brand guidelines so we can be sure to respect and enhance your brand.

Ask the Experts

Hey, that’s us! Getting that first order in can be overwhelming. If you aren’t sure where to start, we are here to help! Contact us for more information, check out our FAQ, or take a look at our ordering information pages to learn more.



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