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How to Order Organic T-shirts and Recycled T-shirts Made Locally

Sustainable Branded T-shirts

eco_xyzSustainable promotional products are close to our heart. We strive to find organic tee shirts and recycled PET tees that are made sweatshop-free by local companies. You can get blank organic T-shirts, or eco T-shirt printing with water-based ink. Our organic t-shirts make for eco-friendly promotions! Use these T-shirts for your sports team or to promote your organization. Affordable, and high quality. We know a lot of different factors go into making a product “green” or “eco-friendly,” which is why our ordering process includes many choices and ways to keep your natural wholesale T-shirts inside your budget. Please use our handy tools in this downloadable checklist to make your ordering process easy.


Why choose Eco-Friendly T-shirts?

Innovative materials are better for the planet and better for the people working with them. When 100% organic cotton is grown in the United States, everyone from the farmworkers to the people on the final production line are exposed to fewer toxins. It’s also better for the communities near the fields, the rivers and lakes, and the animals in the natural environment.

We also love seeing new innovations- like using recycled materials to create tees that are more sustainable. Our new 50% recycled polyester shirts keep plastic bottles out of landfills by recycling them into T-shirt material, (the other 50% of the blend is organic cotton). In addition to these more eco options, we have sustainable screen print options. We recommend using DigiPrint, a digital printing process with eco water-based inks.

Made in America Organic T-Shirts and Recycled PET T-Shirt Options

Groups of all ages can find organic and eco clothing options- from infants to adults. Please browse some of our favorite options here, including our own brand of union made organic baby onesies:

Royal Organic and Recycled Organic, Union Made Onesies USA Union Made Recycled Cotton/PET
organic t-shirts for promotions Ethix_Baby_Onepiece_Organic_Union Union made t-shirts for promotions

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  1. Hi, I’m looking to buy 100% recycled t shirts for a company I’m starting. I couldn’tfind your color options for recycled t’s but I’m curious what they are and your prices for 150 or more.

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