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ILRF Report Reveals ‘Deadly Secrets’ in Garment Industry

Deadly-Secrets-Report-modified-cover-pageAre “deadly secrets” stitched into your garments?

Deadly Secrets, a new report by International Labor Rights Forum, reveals how major apparel companies are putting workers’ lives at risk. They’re covering up deadly secrets in the garment industry- fire safety hazards and other dangerous working conditions by using confidential audits and ignoring known solutions.

This report is an in-depth look at the apparel industry in Bangladesh. We have gleaned portions of it for our readers, but here is a full copy of Deadly Secrets: What Companies Know About Dangerous Workplaces and Why Exposing the Truth Can Save Workers’ Lives in Bangladesh and Beyond.

Sweatfree Tribe laboring for workers’ rights

We are honored to work with a handful of fellow tribe members who contributed to this document.  There is Björn Claeson, Robert J.S. Ross, Trina Tocco, Judy Gearhart and Liana Foxvog. If you would like more information on the incredible work the rest of our Tribe does to end sweatshop labor, please check out our page Sweatfree Tribe.

Ethics of Ethix examined in this report:

living-wage-is-still-not-being-met-for-Bangladeshi-workers-VERTICAL Bangladeshi-garment-workers-need-to-be-allowed-to-collectively-bargain real-fire-safety-now-for-garment-workers-in-Bangladesh-and-beyond-VERTICAL

Lovely’s life after the fire

KTS-Textile-Factory-survivor-Lovely-and-quote-from-Deadly-Secrets-ReportTrino Tocco interviewed Lovely back in 2011 in Dhaka- 5 years after the devastating KTS Textile Factory fire in Chittagong, Bangladesh. This fire killed 63 garment workers (including other young girls) and left this 11 year old factory worker with deformations and burns covering her body. At 17 years of age, Lovely speaks about working in the factory as a young girl and what her life has become now that she is unable to work due to injuries sustained at KTS.



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