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January’s New Custom Merch – Elegant, Economical, & Practical

New_Products_Jan_2012Happy new year! And what a year it’s shaping up to be: elections, the 50th anniversary of Kennedy Legalizing public employee unions, continuation of the Occupy Movement… and who knows what else, (a shift in human consciousness?). While historical moments are happening around the world, we have been staying the course with our mission. We want to be your ethical merchandise source for Union, Eco, and USA made custom products. And according to the increasing inquiries we receive, we are in a place that’s useful to those making history- supporting organizations at the forefront of social and environmental justice.

We are proud to have this opportunity to serve you – the changemakers – with quality ethical goods. In the upcoming year we will provide even more services and client support, so you can run your campaigns, organizations, and events with full confidence in your gear. We will continue to search for new items like the ones below so you can creatively send your message into the world. We hope you enjoy these new product profiles, and please let us know any questions.

USA_made_custom_stoneware_mugs_stein_chili_candle Our beautiful American handcrafted stoneware comes in colorful glazes with your logo debossed in a clay medallion. Mugs are practical, bowls are unique, and all our stoneware will impress your recipients. These are great items not only for giveaways- consider them for gift shops or fundraisers, too.
Made_in_America_Recycled_Metal_Promo_Products If you are going to give metal swag, why not give recycled? It doesn’t cost any more to request recycled metal, and the items are made with quality at the forefront of production. Recycled key tags, bracelets, lapel pins, and more are available for your group. Consider gifts like this for tradeshows, events at college campuses, and earth day outreach.
2014-bella-and-canvas-usa-made-tees We are always interested in new T-shirt styles, especially from fashion-forward brands, so we were excited to learn about these new American made tees. Created by Bella and Canvas, these lightweight cotton shirts are popular with our younger clients and university clubs.
America_Recycled_notebooks_and_paper_USA_only_UPDATE Another great recycled item we are excited to offer are these American made 100% recycled paper notebooks. With optional spiral binding (made from recycled metal), we have many sizes and printing options for these. Let us help you design notebook artwork that will pop for your school or group.
usa_made_neoprene_wristbands Wristbands continue to remain in the spotlight as cost-effective wearable items. Our colorful wristbands are assembled in the USA, though the materials are made internationally. We want to distinguish this, but still offer them in case you want something different from silicone or rubber bracelets.
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