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K to College Union Made in the USA Tote Bags

students_union_made_totesQ. What happens when you merge a children’s school supply program with labor ethics?

A. K to College.

The School Supply Initiative (SSI) is organized in California by K to College, and in the last two years more than 175,000 students have received bags full of supplies. The total amount donated is approximately $12,000,000. This fulfills their mission:

“To promote equal access to education by ensuring every student has the resources and tools to learn from kidergarten to college”

That’s awesome, right? They are giving away tote bags filled with school supplies for kids to be able to succeed in school and go to college!

k_to_college_tote_bagsMaking Change in Many Ways

But it gets better- these totes aren’t your standard made-by-child-labor-in-a-sweatshop bags. K to College actually sought out the most ethical bag they could, which resulted in an American and union made and printed style.

Making these bags every year helps our good labor-friendly factories keep full production schedules. And, because they are printed ethically too, our print shops stay busy during K to College production season!

We love this story because it shows not only an amazing project that’s supporting young people- but because of the “trickle-across” effect ethical choices have on other family’s lives.

When projects like K to College choose to support ethical purchasing decisions, so many people’s lives are improved. This is the sort of partnership Ethix was created for- to be able to fulfill this kind of demand when people want to do the right thing on many fronts.

Changing Lives One Tote Bag at a Time

Who knew one tote bag could make such a difference?

Now that you do know, learn more- contact us to discuss your next project. And for further smiles and inspiration, check out this short news clip about kids receiving the K to College filled tote bags:

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