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Our Mugs for Red Truck Bakery in the White House!

Brian Noyes of Red Truck Bakery ordered some great looking coffee mugs from Ethix Merch, and they became well-traveled – like, to the White House! Yup, the mugs we made are hanging with the Obama administration these days. Now that is cool!

red truck pie at white house

Brian Noyes of Red Truck Bakery had Ethix Merch make these great coffee mugs for their business.

Last week we heard from Brian, who asked us to get another mug order going for his company because they were running low. It’s no wonder, because the Red Truck Bakery is keeping some cool company these days.

Brian said, “…. attached is a photo of our mug at The White House! President Obama is high on our pies and gave us a nice salute last month; I was invited earlier this week and was asked to bring an apple pie—and was excited to see our mug sitting on a desk just a few steps from the Oval Office. We put that photo on our Facebook page and now everyone wants a Red Truck Bakery mug.”

Yes, they’re some pretty cool merch and we can see why people want them. But what sounds even better is a slice of their apple pie to go with your next cup of coffee! You can visit and get yours delivered.
President Obama sent a letter that you can read here, stating, “Brian is exactly the kind of American I was talking about at the end of my State of the Union Address. Hard-working. Optimistic. Someone who doesn’t seek attention, because he’s busy doing the work this country needs doing – all with a stubborn and quintessentially American refusal to let others down. Way to go, Brian. And thanks for the pie!”
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