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Sunrise Movement + Ethix Merch on a Mission: 1.2 Million Postcards for Change

Get Out the Vote Postcard Project  📬

When we say Merchandise On A Mission, we mean it! The tagline describes our postcard project with environmental super advocates, Sunrise Movement.

As the 2020 election approached, with traditional campaigning on hold due to COVID, Sunrise got creative to get their message out and reach targeted voters in swing states.

We worked together to roll out the campaign from design work and production logistics to shipping details and online order processing.  Sunrise Movement worked with several artists to design one-of-a-kind postcard art that supporters could choose from.  We linked the postcards to the online store and handled the rest.  The packs of cards shipped out together with stamps and a list of voter addresses sent through email.

Demand was so high for these printed postcards that we had to burn the midnight oil to make it happen, but it was worth it all to see these results! As a result, over 1.2 million postcards were shipped out to volunteers for mailing!

photo credit @sunrisemvmt








There’s no doubt that this project had an impact on voter turnout in key swing states. Sunrise Movement’s election efforts, along with the postcard project, were mentioned in this Time Magazine article: How Joe Biden Outmaneuvered Donald Trump On Climate Change.

“The campaign worked with leadership from the youth-powered Sunrise Movement to shape its climate proposals, and Biden, in turn, benefited from Sunrise’s vast voter-outreach operation that has sent more than a million postcards to young voters in swing states in recent weeks.”

Beyond the Election: Supporting the Movement with an Online Store

The Sunrise Movement store provides swag to supporters looking to rep their eye-catching logo and slogans across the nation. Custom merch is an an effective way to achieve recognition and feel a sense of community at events.

Check out the online store here: Sunrise Movement Merch

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