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United Federation of Teachers Custom Award Plaque

Most of the time we manufacture dozens or hundreds of custom items for our clients. But very special occasions require very special trophies and plaques, and we can help with those, too!

Award Plaques with Calligraphy

One of our favorite annual projects is the production of an intricate custom award plaque made with hand-calligraphy for the United Federation of Teachers (UFT). This national union includes this student-centered mission:

We believe in raising academic standards and strengthening instruction; reducing class size and overcrowding; creating safer, more orderly schools; improving school facilities; and increasing parent involvement in schools.

Cogen_Award_Winner_Aminda_GentileA Teacher Honored is a Beautiful Thing

To commemorate the influence of one leader every year, UFT selects a recipient for the Charles Cogen Award, the union’s highest honor.

Last year the customized wall plaque award went to Aminda Gentile, “an architect of professional development outreach.” The UFT article about the ceremony describes Gentile:

The recently retired Gentile, who began teaching in elementary school in 1966 and subsequently worked as a professional developer for many years, rose to become the director of the UFT Teacher Center in 1993 and then the union’s vice president for education starting in 2004.

Artistic Vision Worth Framing

Every recognition award plaque we create is made by hand with professional calligraphy. We can also help with professionally framing your award or ceremonial paper with high quality matte.


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