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USA Made Recycled Pencils, Union Made Watches, ESOP Retractable Badges, Fair Trade Shirts, Calligraphy, and Green Brand!

So you were looking for retractable badge holders made by an employee-owned company (ESOP)? No problem- we do that!

Who knew something as little as badge retractors could empower workers?

Keep reading to learn about more new products that promote worker rights and environmental conservation. Let us know if you have any questions.

Panda-Recycled-Pencils-standard-round-carpenter Old school pencils are still an effective way to get your message out, especially if you want to show your concern for the earth with a recycled newspaper pencil version. Panda has the best locally made pencil prices!
Union Made Watches, Frames, and Plaques Union assembled watches, clocks, other unique timepieces… not the first thing that comes to mind when you think American union manufacturing? Get used to it- we can also make all kinds of custom acrylic mirrors, paperweights, and frames with your logo.
Name ID badge holders with retracting_0 If you read the top of this page, you’ll know we are excited about the employee owned manufacturer where these USA made badge holders are made. But aside from the whole awesome worker rights thing, these little holders are tested for 200,000 retractions! Impressive all around.
Hand Calligraphy Awards A thoughtful way to show someone appreciation at your next special event is with professionally created awards with hand calligraphy. Before you try your hand at using Word and cute little clipart images, please, please, give us a call to discuss other options!
GreenBrand Apparel with Recycled Materials Locally made recycled fabrics keep cotton from our landfills with this high quality clothing line. If you need apparel with one of the lowest carbon footprints, then definitely check Green Brand® out.
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