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We Source Local So You Can “Buy Local”

What does “Buy Local” Really Mean?

Deans-Beans-biodegradable-Plastic-USA-made-Travel-MugThe Buy Local movement supports keeping monies in local economies. “Buying Local” can mean different things to different people. To Ethix, buying local is a means to keep (and Grow!) industry in our country.  Buying locally is an immediate means to maintain a steady demand for locally manufactured and cultivated products. In fact, supporting USA industry and fair labor practices is what our company is all about.

When we consider “buying local,” we have an even higher standard: we show preference for companies with union represented employees. We want to be totally secure in knowing the local manufacturers we support are also keeping the balance of workers’ rights, and whenever possible, environmental care and protection throughout the supply chain. Our company philosophy is to support the purchase of USA Made goods being produced in ways that support our local economies as well as support the workers and environment that factor into their production.

Ethix Supports #BuyLocal

We support #BuyLocal every day with promotional merchandise that supports American and unionized workers who make the products you use every day (mugs, tshirts, pens, watches and the like).We are big fans of Dean’s Beans in nearby Orange, Massachusetts. They carry an assortment of Ethix products (check out their biodegradable USA made travel mugs pictured above). We love that they not only support #BuyLocal but also other principles we endorse like the Eco recently put out a concise infographic aimed at educating about what “buy local” is all about. All of these reasons illustrated below are why Ethix supports buying local and fair:



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