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Alliance for Climate Protection Limited Edition Union Made T-Shirts

Union Made T-shirts Showing Support to Labor

Repower America, a project of The Alliance for Climate Protection, has annually shown support to labor by purchasing union made T-shirts from Ethix Merch. These organizations understand that climate change can only be addressed by including organized labor and creating “clean energy jobs”, and they have chosen to express their commitment to labor allies by supporting union made products.

So recently, after a popular shirt design contest, supporters had the opportunity to make a donation in exchange for a union T-shirt from Repower!

This is the image used in their email campaign to encourage supporters to donate…

Then, T-shirts were sent out all over the country to diverse climate supporters, and many of them sent back self portraits of themselves wearing their tees!

See this excellent slide show, and Repower blog post about their shirts:

For further information about the Repower America mission, check out what they have to say about jobs on their site:

New clean energy jobs in a new clean energy future will repower America – creating millions of new jobs, hastening our economic recovery, strengthening our national security and preserving our planet for future generations. With a clean energy economy, everybody wins.

It’s one thing to talk about jobs, but these green groups actually follow through and purchase according to their ideals!

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