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How to Order Wholesale USA Union Made T-shirts

Sweatshop-free Union Made T-shirts

We are proud to sell union label tees as the highest labor standard. Every day we help organizations find the best union made in the USA T-shirt option for their custom printed design, and we look forward to doing the same for you! Ask about our new guide for purchasing sweatshop-free union T shirts through us. We think this helpful overview of the process and savings tips is one of the most valuable resources we can provide people interested in union made clothing.

Why Union Made? Why print with a union shop?

Union made shirts are special because they ensure the workers making the tees have a means to organize if factory owners overstep a health or safety law. Because of union contracts, these workers have good pay and ways to negotiate other benefits.

By purchasing union made, you can support the people making your T-shirts, as well as their families. You help show how effective solidarity purchasing is- especially on a larger scale for group purchasing.

And, we use union screen printing that can include a union bug printed on your shirts or the other union made promotional products we offer.

Union Made in America T-Shirt Options

There are many different styles, brands, and union labels available for T-shirts right now. See our Union Made T-Shirt options here.

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