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Make a Positive Impact with Union Made Merchandise!

Your business makes a ton of purchases throughout the year. Uniforms, holiday gifts, promotional items, calendars, and more… But where are they coming from? Do you know how that company treats its employees, or if they pay a fair wage? How can you ever be sure?

One way to ensure your products are tied to good wages and fair labor practices is to buy Union Made apparel and merchandise whenever possible. And although many fear a big price difference, you might be surprised at how insignificant that difference is – and that small difference can make a very big, positive impact!

Ethix Merch offers hundreds of Union Made products in every price range, for every occasion! Here a just a few of our favorites. Each of these items is fully-customizable, with Union print (and optional bug!) or embroidery options.

By supporting American Unions, you are opting for the best quality products that will last; Higher quality goods could lead to less replacement purchases over time! You’ll also get top-notch service that simply can’t be beat. What’s more, you’ll be supporting our local economy; You’ll help grow the demand for American Union products, thus American Union jobs, which guarantee fair labor practices.

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“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.”
― Anna Lappé

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