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UMich LGBTQIA Allies Decked Out in Purple

20120924 Gayz Craze Tshirt Social DSCN1096Whether your group or company has: strict budgetary requirements, a short time frame, or custom design needs (or any combination thereof)- Ethix will rise to the occasion.  It’s our specialty to find that perfect blend of ethical merchandise for our clients large and small.

Last month we were happy to put together a rush order of US Union Made t-shirts for the Central Student Government at the University of Michigan LGBT Commission.

The T-shirts had to come in purple since it’s the traditional color for queer allies and had to have the “super” motif as this year’s theme was “We are all heroes’, highlighting the fact that people of any identity can be an inspiration to us all, and be heroes in all communities.”

We had a budget to stick to as well, and we worked with the Commission to satisfy their needs while still getting the shirts to them in plenty of time for their September 3rd Gayz Craze 2012 (photos thanks to Kari Borse).

This order was a great way to celebrate our nation’s Labor Day 2012: union made T-shirts with union printing for American university students– almost too perfect for words!

20120924 Gayz Craze Tshirt backsOn a personal note- this was my first Ethix order observed (start to finish) as the newest member to the team.  And I love that it was for the University of Michigan- Ann Arbor.

Our ever-so-successful Merchant Adventurer Aria is an UMich alumnus and was naturally drawn to student projects such as these.  I, too, feel the connection as my “little” sister currently attends UMich as a PhD candidate (Civil & Environmental Engineering).  Wolverines: If you see Sherri wandering around North Campus or biking in town, be sure to say hello- she’s pretty amazing and fun to have a chat with.

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