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What’s New at Ethix

Happy New Year from the Ethix Team! 

2019 was an exceptionally productive year for us, and we hit the ground running into 2020! Before we move on to what’s new, let’s recap the highlights from last year. 

Growing the Team

In 2019 our team nearly doubled in size as production increased!  We are thrilled to have new talent for future growth as we dive into some new endeavors.

Just Markets Initiative and Collection Launch

In early 2019 Ethix developed a partnership with a cooperative of mills in North Carolina as part of our efforts to support innovations in alternative worker organizing models like worker ownership, profit sharing, and living wages, along with sustainable manufacturing.   A product line called Collection features super high quality products that boast a transparent supply chain. Collection is working towards a circular economy through a material return and top of the line innovation to curb textile waste. A circular economy means that rather than a production line, products are seen as circular or cyclical and are reused, recycled, and streamlined to have the most efficient processes possible. Sustainable manufacturing practices for things like building efficiency, renewable energy, and pollutant free materials are all taken into careful consideration.

Photo: A worker in North Carolina. Photo credit: The Industrial Commons 

Ethix is working with Catholic institutions through our Just Markets Initiative to engage in a more sustainable and just supply chain through institutional purchasing. For year one (2019) we launched ethical procurement programs in several schools, universities, and a parish. Stay tuned as we expand this program into more schools and organizations throughout the nation!

Head over to our website to find out more about Just Markets here

Web Stores

Did you know Ethix provides web store services? In mid-2019 Ethix contracted with CSEA 1000 to manage their online store for CSEA employees in New York. Ethix provides set up and store maintenance, along with inventory storage, fulfillment, and customer service. It’s a win for all.  Organizations can focus on what matters – their mission – and we do what we do best, which is to provide the best custom merch around.   

So what’s on tap for 2020? 

Eco-friendly Products

You can count on a well-curated selection of eco-friendly items. We are putting in the work to find alternatives to plastic, and source apparel and promotional items made with sustainable materials like Collection products. We are committed to finding ethically manufactured products to offer our clients. 

Blogs and Tips 

The blog is up! Expect to hear more from us this year – more how-tos, client spotlights, worker stories, and helpful materials. 

…and much more! 

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