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Your Organization’s Merch Ready for Fall Events?

Ethical Organization Merchandise, Simply

We want your experience to be easy when ordering ethical customized items. That’s why we’ve created the following guides for upcoming events. These event guides bring together some of the best ideas for parades, back-to-school, and Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We know it’s a little early to think about fall, but the more you can plan in advance, the better. (Though we still love rush orders; contact us when it’s your last minute). Here’s to turning your creative wheels-

Labor Day, 9/11 Memorials, and other Patriotic Events.


Red, white, and blue U.S.A. union manufactured parade giveaways are good for the economy and workers. As is typical of Ethix, we have several eco-friendly options to choose from, such as recycled water bottles, biodegradable balloons, and eco pencils.

  • Labor Day wouldn’t exist without the hardworking women and men who make our union bug merchandise. Show them your solidarity by making sure union-made is a priority.
  • The 10 year anniversary of September 11th will soon be remembered. Make sure your commemoration materials are doing the most good to honor those who have lost their lives and loved ones.

School, University, and College Gear


“Bright” bats, bottles, backpacks, and buttons will keep your students and teachers well-informed about ethical labor and environmental standards. Especially during the back-to-school and college orientation season, we want you to know all the possibilities that can be made ethically.

  • Use Alta Gracia T-shirts for service trips, college activist groups, and gradeschool bookstore apparel to show international solidarity for the only union made, living wage certified apparel brand.
  • Athletic programs can find American made bats, uniforms, and other sporting goods to make sure your local Team USA is supporting community-based businesses.

Prevention and Awareness Month for Breast Cancer


Pink organic and worker-friendly merchandise is the perfect pick for customized ribbon items. We remember loved ones and strangers who battle cancer all year long, but October is a special time to raise awareness especially for breast cancer.

  • Survivors can wear customized union made items to promote early detection as one of the best ways to beat cancer while supporting workers.
  • Organic and recycled materials are a great way to keep carcinogens out of our air and water. By purchasing higher-quality, longer-lasting items that can be reused annually, you can also reduce waste that produces more air pollution through incineration.

Did you see anything you like here? Let us know.

Look out for more Ethix Merch Event Guides as we look ahead to other popular promotional product events!

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