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Sweatfree goes Sweatfree

Our Niche: Ethically Sourced Merchandise Boy, do we have a lot of trouble with terminology in our office. For starters, we’re in the “promotional products industry,” selling “custom-printed merchandise.” Huh? What? Exactly. Even some of our best clients aren’t yet familiar with those terms.

Jews (wearing sweat-free t-shirts) March for Pride

Sometimes it’s nice to stop pushing for a minute and recognize that, indeed, the “arc of the universe…bends toward justice.” Despite (or perhaps even partially because of) the passage of California’s Prop 8 last November, much progress has been made of late in the long struggle for LGBT rights. Just this year, the number of […]

Signing a Union Contract in Union Made T-Shirts

What a great image: nurses at Parkview Community Hospital in Riverside, California, signing a union contract (their first!) and proudly wearing union made and union printed t-shirts. Congratulations to Parkview RNs and the UNAC/UHCP on this milestone, and thanks for extending your support to union printers and garment workers.    

Celebrate Diversity: Union Made Merch and the Green Party!

Even in our fast-paced modern world, one thing always remains the same: hard work pays off, in the long run. That attitude is exemplified by two organizations that Ethix Merch was proud to bring together for the first time…The Green Party of the United States and Garyline Promotional Products.

Fuse Orders Ethical, Locally Made “Mugs for Progress”

In keeping with the recently-proclaimed “Era of Responsibility,” we are proud to highlight the efforts of one of our newest customers, Sharing Online Messaging through Custom Printed Merchandise